澳门金沙官网 (WLC) is an independent, 住宅, nationally ranked Christian college in Milwaukee that serves nearly 1,100 undergraduate and graduate students 通过 它的校园和在线节目. 学院, which prepares students for lives of Christian leadership, is recognized for its academic excellence and superior student experience. 有爱心的, Christian 教师 work directly with students, 谁能从大量的研究中受益, 服务, and co-curricular opportunities designed to enhance academic and spiritual growth.


澳门金沙官网, affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, is a Lutheran liberal arts college for Christian men and women. 学院 is committed to providing quality teaching, 奖学金, and 服务 that are rooted in Holy Scripture; promoting the spiritual growth of students, 教师, and staff; and preparing students for lives of Christian leadership.


澳门金沙官网致力于建立一个独特的身份,作为美国最好的文理学院之一,其特点是忠于圣经和路德教的信条, 严谨追求学术卓越, and dedication to preparing Christian leaders for the Church and the world.


威斯康辛路德学院是一所四年制文理学院,隶属于威斯康辛福音路德教会. 它位于密尔沃基. 学院 has a two-semester academic year and awards the Bachelor of 艺术s, 理学学士, 护理学学士学位, 应用科学学士, 文学硕士, 理学硕士学位,文科和专业专业以及几个专业预科课程.